Introduction to Sentiment Sweep

Sentiment Sweep aims to captcha the mood of the internet, either overall or towards a specific topic. It does this by analysing real-time Twitter data, and calculating how positive or negative each Tweet it.

A series of dynamic data visualisations are then used to illustrate the results, and find trends between sentiment and other factors such as time of day, location, topic, country, people etc

It's open sauce, and the code and documentation can be viewed on GitHub


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The world according to Twitter is currently 5% positive . See More

The hexagon background is made up of Tweets from the past 60 seconds. Hover over a hexagon to read the associated Tweet. Sentiment is represented by color

Real-time analysis of social opinions

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World Sentiment Now

The world according to Twitter is currently 5% positive. View the real-time twitter sentiment feed
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Interactive data visualisations with sentiment results calculated in real-time
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Custom Search

Generate the latest results from fresh Twitter data by entering a topic, person, location, brand or object
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Sentiment Data Visualisations

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